EMPEROR SCORPION VS. CEPHADROME - Minecraft Mob Battles - Arena Battle - Ultimate Bosses Mod Battle


Cepadrome vs. emperor scorpion

The Cephadrome is a hammerhead-dragon like creature of the ice plains. To fight the Cephadrome, you need Ultimate Armor, Ultimate Sword. His name is extremely hard to write down. He drops uranium and titanium nuggets and rubys, ruby armor, ruby weapons and ruby tools, which are suggested to have when fighting stronger mobs and bosses. If he gets hit by pets he will attack them. The Young and Young Adult Prince are able to fight back the Cephadrome (unless they are low on health). He's got 300 hp (same as the Wither), 72 damage (Almost the same as the Hammerhead), (140 damage at the kraken).

On the OreSpawn config it doesn't have hp, defense and attack damage on him listed.

Cephadromes attack hostile mobs and other bosses.

Notes Edit

  • The Snowpig, the Sandpig, the Mexican Chicken and the Strider Pig are hostile to the Cephadrome, which causes the it fights back.
  • Feedable Cephadromes are rare to find.
  • Also the Cephadrome itself is a boss
  • Fire and Lava hurts him a bit and the cephadrome will regenerate it's health back a bit.
  • Cephadromes drop more ruby than mining out ruby on death.
  • These Pictures are a mob battle between the cephadrome and the emperor scorpion.
  • Subspecies: 1: Russet, 2: Violet, 3: Ebon (Ebon Cephadromes always spawn wild and can not be tamed)

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