Health: 1 (0.5 hearts)

Attack: 20 (10 hearts) or instant kill

Defense: 0

Drops: A dead corpse of itself

The Irukandji is an Orespawn mob found only in the Crystal Dimension lakes. It is ridiculously tiny and white in colour. The Irukandji is an actual jellyfish living in the most dangerous place on Earth-Australia. Like the Minecraft counterparts, they are tiny and very, very, very, very venemous. The Irukandji will attack any player that goes into the water and stab them with their tentacles, injuring them. Should a player retaliate, the venom will instantly render them dead.

How to battle this Mob

The Irukandji is a really weak mob. However, its sting packs a punch. Grab anything to hit it with, except your hands and legs as the potent venom will kill you. Grab a stick or a block of crystal just not your hands. If you do not have anything, grab the block next to you and beat it to death. Beware, it can climb on land.


  • The Irukandji is an actual jellyfish in Australia. They are related to Box Jellyfishes and can fit on your fingernail. They also die upon contact with glass.
  • In the mod, they can come on land to attack, but usually don't, as they can't jump from water.
  • Any mob can kill it, even when they are unarmed.
  • The Irukandji used to ignore armour. Whether this still is active is unknown.
  • There used to be a glitch where they could kill a whale for no reason. This is fixed.
  • It is one of the smallest mobs in the mod.

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