The Lavapig is a boss mob that can be a challenge to defeat because of his fiery powers.


Lavapigs can be found in the desert, savannah, and the Nether.

Lavapigs will only spawn in the desert and savannah biomes, if it's night time. They have a 25% chance to be riding an emperor scorpion, however, this only happens in the overworld.


The Lavapig has 340 health, and when it's riding an emperor scorpion, it can be the deadliest thing you've seen so far. You might not want to fight unless you have either ruby, ultimate, or amethyst armor on you. Also he will deflect every arrow back to you, so your bow is useless. He will turn all water nearby into lava and melt nearby ice blocks and turn nearby packed ice into ice blocks. He will hide under soul sand and can come back to battle. He will shoot a swarm of fireballs to random places and ignite wood, planks, coal blocks, and wool nearby.

Lavapigs will give any player within a radius of 15, Nausea III, Mining Fatigue IV, and Slowness II. He can strike players with lightning within a radius of 40, however won't spam the lightning attack.

When defeated he will drill down and transform into a fire tornado. The only way to defeat the tornado is to shoot it with the Ultimate Bow 15 times. After you defeated the fire tornado he will morph into a flamethrower, then into it's drops. The Lavapig in it's tornado form will drop diamonds, uranium, titanium nuggets, raw chicken, coal, creeper and kraken repellents, blaze rods, magma cream, netherrack, gunpowder, nether stars, creeper launchers, and experience orb catchers.