Q: How do you Get out of The ant dimensions without dying or killing yourself?

You should always carry around an ant's nest of the kind of dimension you are in (i.e. you should bring an unstable ant nest if you go to the unstable dimension) another thing that will help is having a mod that gives you a minimap(e.g. Zan's Minimap is usually used, is you have to be in the dimension of the waypoints, hit 'M' by default and click on the waypoint and hit 'teleport to'.), or you could just find yourself a Ant of type according to your dimension and right click it to go back to the over world.

Q: I Still have not played this thing all the way through I can try to get some crafting recipies up but thats about it.

Using NEI can really help you out.

Q: What do you think I can help you out with?

Q: How the heck do you get green goo?

You get the green goo as a drop from a boss in the nightmare dimension called a triffid.

Q: How do I spawn the Mothra?

You can find a spawn egg via ancient dried mothra while mining and mix with water to get the egg, or find it in the red ant dimension.

Q: How come you change places after you've teleported to another dimension and walked?

There are different ratio of blocks like the nether's 1 to 3 ratio with the overworld. (This means every block you walk in the nether counts as three blocks in the overworld.

Q: How do i get rid of the Prince/Princess?

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