Subspecies are uncommon and rare variations of mobs.

These are currently not implemented, nor known to be planned, and are simply hearsay from other fans ideas.

Uncommon subspecies names Edit

Ashen, Azure, Crimson, Dark, Keppel, Light, Russet, Scarlet, Verdant, Violet.

Rare Subspecies names Edit

Celestial, Ebon, Lunar, Umber

Rare Subspecies for mobs Edit

Celestial: The Mountain Prince

Ebon: Cephadrome

Lunar: The Shade Prince

Umber: The King

Rare subspecies abilities Edit

The Celestial Mountain Prince: Charges into mob/player, breaks blocks when charging

Ebon Cephadrome: Has a chance to spawn in a Cephadrome

The Lunar Shade Prince: Heals it when it's in a wall

The Umber King: Turns nearby blocks into lava, uses abilities if not fighting

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