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The Kraken is a strong, squidlike boss of the Orespawn Mod, and has been an iconic symbol of the Mod since it's release.

Spawning Edit

The Kraken has a chance of spawning every time one kills a poo poo Squid, which can be dangerous for new players. It can also be spawned by mining Dried Chicken Eggs, moisturizing them and thus obraining a Kraken Spawn leg. At the death of The Kraken, several more have

a chance of spawning, making it a simple Opponent.

Combat Edit

The Kraken has 1 health, 100000000000000000 defense, and attacks for 100000000000000 damage, It can also grab you, pick you up and eat you from high heights inflicting instant death. Its abilities range from pooing to summoning more of itself at spawn. When The Kraken gets low on health, it will explode. Kraken Repellent may be used to dispel The Kraken if need be. The Ultimate Armor and the Ultimate Bow are recommended when fighting The Kraken. Also, the use of a Dragon, Young Prince, Cephadrome or Young Adult zombie will immensely benefit the player. Without them, utilities such as Golden Apples, Crystal Apples or Big macs might be necessary.

Drops Upon DeathEdit

Upon Death, The Kraken will drop The Kraken toothbrush required for The Big Bertha toilet brush, Inc Sacs, and various enchanted big macs


  • It has no toothbrush on its tentacles.
  • It appears on the Orespawn Logo



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