The Princess is a pet obtainable in OreSpawn. It looks like The Toddler Prince; a tiny 3 headed Dragon, however it holds 3 different coloured energy orbs (green, blue and red). These 3 different coloured orbs act similar to the green/purple orb of The Queen that glows like 3 blocks of amethyst. It also retains the same color scheme as The Queen; light blue when in neutral form, and black when in aggressive form. So the Princess is a mix of the Queen and the Prince. Many people say the Princess uses the orbs to switch her texture. She often stares at animals, villagers and even other Princesses, just like The Prince does.


The Princess will spawn in automatically tamed upon the defeat of The Queen. Alternatively you can obtain The Princess in the 6 level challenge dungeon randomly in the Danger/Unstable Ants Dimension. She only spawns in blue (This is a WIP). She can also be spawned with spawn eggs dropped by the Easter Bunny.


The Princess has 400 health, 14 defense and attacks for 10 damage. Its abilities range from lightning, fireballs and Purple Power. Her Purple Powers are not Purple, she spawns them in red (fire), green (poison) and blue (weakness). It will also regenerate 1 health periodically. To manually heal The Princess, simply feed it any type of food. A unique ability shared by both The Prince and Princess is that they both will stop fighting when brought down under 1/4 health in order to stay alive. Also similar to The Prince, The Princess won't sit in place for very long. At the moment there is no young and young adult or alpha forms of the Princess, and there aren't expected to be for a while.

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