The Sea Prince is a blue Prince, he is full of water, even the eyes.

Spawning Edit

The Sea Prince can be found in the air, above the oceans.

Combat Edit

The Sea Prince has 150 health, 0 defense and attacks for 12, he is also hostile to you and villagers. If he attacked you, he will pick you up and teleport up. While the sea prince picked you up, he does not attacks you, but will fly to a place to drop you back down. If there are more sea princes, one will pick you up and the others biting you away. The Sea Prince will also cause the weight effect for 2 minutes, wich increases the fall damage and prevents you from jumping and swimming, making sea princes very deadly. The Sea Prince always flys. To fight him, you need at least amethyst armor and sword and a bow, keep shooting it until it picks you up, while he picked you up keep slamming on it with the sword. The Sea Prince is not tameable.

Subspecies Edit

Normal, Golden and Scarlet

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