The Ultimate King is currently the strongest mob in OreSpawn. Its appearance is no different than that of The King, however it is summoned differently. In order to summon The Ultimate King, you must first enable the configuration option that allows for it called FullPowerKing enable. Change the value from 0 to 1. Then you right click on The Prince (obtained by killing The King or in the 6 level challenge dungeon in the Danger Dimension) with a diamond block several times until the final form. Once The Ultimate King is summoned, it will communicate a message in the chat. This being it: "Enough of this charade. I am done. You have shown me what I wanted to know. That´s right my little pet. It has all been a game. You never killed me. You can´t. I´m the one. The only. The many. I exist within the both space and time. Everywhere and always. I have used you to learn your way, and I have reached my conclusion on your species. Now, you have 10 seconds to run. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1....Prepare to die!" After it has completed this message, it then becomes hostile and releases orbs similar to those of The Queen, though instead they will cause explosions on contact with objects. These are also known to be slightly stronger than the ones created by The Queen. It also retains its previous abilities of lightning, fireballs, and ice-breath. This King is not killable, for physical attack inflicted do not harm it. It is possible to damage The Ultimate King with means other than physical attacks, but not enough to kill it. The Queen's purple power orbs can kill it however. It is not recommended that The Ultimate King is summoned in a survival situation, for it will cause immense destruction to your world and it cannot be defeated by any means other than cheating other than usage of other mods or using tons of Princes/Princesses/Queens or maybe using oxygen launcher from the Godzilla mod or any other mods with op ranged weapons. The Ultimate King can be modified using a thousand weakness mods to have 1 HP and killable by a punch, however.