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    December 1, 2015 by RektarFamilyFriendly

    Hello, I hope you are enjoying and continue to enjoy this wiki! We do have some rules though.

    1. Do not swear. This is a wiki that is kid friendly.

    2. Do not talk about anything non kid friendly. I know there is a 13 and up age limit but that's only if you sign up. Also not everyone follows that, and that is not our problem.

    3. Do not remove things if they shouldn't be removed. I understand we can undo and some things may seem like they should be removed to some and not to others. But just don't delete anything if you know it shouldn't be deleted.

    4. Respect admins. I only have 1 admin now, but I am planning on adding more in the future (which is why I have an admin application form, found here).

    5. Have a good time! I can not stress how import…

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  • RektarFamilyFriendly

    Hello! I am the founder of this wiki and I am opening up admin submission forms! I need admins so submit away!

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  • RektarFamilyFriendly

       Hello, I am the founder of this wiki, and I would like to say that I am back, but on more important news, we are having a poll. The poll is should we have a live chat on the wiki. It will be measured in points. Yes Highly = 2 points, Yes = 1 point, No = -1 point, and No Highly = -2 points. Voting will stop sometime in December. If the overall points are negative, no chat. But if the overall points are positive, we will have a live chat!          So without further ado, let's vote!

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