The Water Dragon is a strange sea creature in Orespawn. It looks to be a sea serpent of some sort.


Attack:Probably 20-25, plus water balls and fire balls.

Defense:At least 10.

Drops:Lots of stuff, like fish, water balls, and the Water Dragon Scale, used for Big Bertha!


Spawns:In oceans and Water Dragon Lairs, found above oceans.

How to Kill:Emerald gear, an Emerald sword, good food, and enchanted golden apples will work fine.

Behavior:Along with the Alosaurus, the Mantis, the Ender Reaper and Knight, and the Alien, this will be a good boss for newcomers. It will help you get over your fears of fighting other menaces of the sea.If you fought it, why not tame it. You already got fish from the ones you slew, so why not use it for a Water Dragon army?